"... like an earthquake that suddenly comes into your life and reduces your life into nothing, and when you return to normality your perceptions, your feelings are different. Everytime I see a landstorm I remember my own landstorm. Very personal... it's like a little secret always I have with me." Juan Miranda

Shock in the Ear is an experimental new media art work, on CDROM.
From culture shock to electric shock and reverberating beyond into shock aesthetics, shock resonates with deep and abrupt physical and psychic change. Shock in the Ear traces shock's dislocated time/space in which perceptions and senses are shifted. Shock in the Ear is an intense and poetic work, composed through interactivity - stories, images, performances, music, sound, and animations.

The work expresses the shocking concept that sound is important to interactivity, as a new and engaging artistic form, because sound goes beyond the interface, into time, into the body, and into the imagination.

A work by Norie Neumark in collaboration with Maria Miranda, Richard Vella, Greg White, David Bartolo.

Awards for Shock in the Ear .......Reviews of Shock in the Ear .......Siggraph Gallery 2000

Shock in the Ear was developed with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission. The assistance of the New Media Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts (for the installation version), the Listening Room ABC Radio Arts (for the radio work) and The University of Technology Sydney are also gratefully acknowledged.


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This work was assisted by the
Australia Council, the Federal
Government's arts funding and advisory body.