A Rumour of Homicide

Homicide 1964 -1975
The most successful Australian drama series ever/still

This radiophonic sound piece was aired in Holly Crawford's Sound Art Limo for the Melbourne International Arts Festival October 12 - 27, 2007


A Rumour of Homicide
where media, both popular and otherwise, intersects with memory and the cultural imaginary.

Homicide is said to be the most important and most popular television drama series ever produced in Australia – set on the streets of Melbourne. The original episodes, in black and white, feature a pair of detective buddies, dressed sharply in thin 60s pants, ultra thin ties and black trilby hats, driving their cars through the gritty urban streets of Melbourne. A Rumour of Homicide is part of the ongoing project Museum of Rumour, it takes us back 40 years to those “same” Melbourne streets.

What happens when you watch TV and remember places that you don’t really know and characters that you like, but don’t exist in your own world. There is a crossing of memories of the actual and imaginary or actual and televisual. Some memories are inhabited by media images and media stories. We thought of this piece as a collage of memories as well as of found TV snippets.

When asked to do a piece for The Sound Art Limo in Melbourne we both immediately thought of Homicide. Cars + Melbourne = Homicide

We both remembered Homicide as a pivotal program from the 70s. Weirdly, Norie didn’t grow up here and hadn’t even seen it in her youth yet she too felt the pull and magic of Homicide. We decided that to work with Homicide we’d need to see some of the old episodes again. Unfortunately they are not on DVD and the only place we could get them was the National Library. We set aside an afternoon to relive the magic. But we were surprised to find that they were no longer as rivetting as they once were --to say the least --The opening theme was still great. But most of the scenes were quite boring, especially any scenes shot inside Flinders Street Station.

Slash fiction for the Antipodeans.

Thanks to the actors Linden Wilkinson, Martin Vaughn and Bill Young