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[Field Log February 10.2002]







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Another interview. The subject is DR. DR has been following our research with interest. Knowing of his reputation we ask him to decode some of the anomalies we've collected so far. We all meet in the LAB. DR reacts instantly to the microbial anomaly. For DR it seems to suggest a mental state, as if the software had somehow captured a thought wave that left its trace long ago. [a morphic field?].

However DR is convinced that there is a Maria Island confluence that links all of the Jules Verne ouevre. Indeed, once pointed out we instantly recognise the overwhelming evidence indicating Maria Island to be some sort of source for the Voyages Extraordinare. DR mentions a few titles to back up this claim, it is compelling - The Mysterious Island, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, From the Earth to the Moon....

We note this carefully and decide to put the whole ouevre + Maria Island into a search engine and do some basic title crunching.

The misleading labelling of the artefacts - especially the so-called blacksmiths bellows seems to upset DR. Like XX, DR notices the suspicious behaviour of the park rangers and is quite adamant they are hiding something.

The ancient origin of these instruments in Hephastus's workshop with its clear association with volcanoes, the earth's centre etc. etc makes DR conclude - there can be only one conclusion - Jules Verne was here.

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Possible Morphic Resonance transmitted across the species barrier: human to geese