Talking About the Weather on Second Life
Maria Miranda + Norie Neumark + Malcolm Smith

Monday May 19 2008:
Collecting Breath with Borges Flanagan (aka Darren Tofts) and his entourage of lovely avatars

borges avatar
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April 6 and 7 2008: Maria, Norie and Malcolm (aka Misconstrue Masala, Misdemeanor Maximus and Rubix Tomorrow) collected breath on Second Life. We were joined by Nonnatus Korhonen, Aston Leisen, Pling and Plang and many others. Thank-you to all our contributors and participants, we definitely collected lots of breath.. see the mulitplying bottles of breath below. Bottles thanks to Rubix Tomorrow and different coloured breath thanks to Nonnatus Korhonen.

See more photos of the Collecting Breath on Second Life event at our site on Odyssey

breathSee video of collecting breath on Second Life

For more info about this project and other projects please visit our website.

Dates to bookmark
April 6 - 8pm --- Sydney time
April 7 - 8am --- Sydney time
For your local time go here

Sites/Places/Spaces of collecting breath
These are website based entry to SL: it seems to work better with Safari
The locations may get flexible as we get going. We'll be taking photos and machinima for Gallery exhibitions. You'll recognise us, we're the Breath Collectors!

1. East of Odyssey: (co-ord 66,27,39) --5 minutes

2. Odyssey_Art and Performance Simulator (85,12, 22)-10 minutes

3. Ars Virtua Convening Space 5, 56, 41 - 15 minutes

4. Caerleon Isle (the palace of memory) 137, 49, 32 --10 minutes

5. ABC island 131,136,41 --15 minutes

6. The Junkyard 135, 180, 73 --10minutes

Stay tuned to this site

We'd like to thank all the SL people who have generously given their time and talents to help us realise this project. Rubix Tomorrow (aka Malcolm Smith) who made us our wonderful jars. Nonnatus Korhonen (aka Andrew Burrell) for making the beautiful multicoloured breath. And Aston Leisen for Misdemeanor's perfect sound equipment.

April 2008
Preliminary event: collecting breath outside Object Gallery and then with Nonnatus Korhonen

collecting breath .collecting breath.collecting breath
more pictures on Flickr here


This project will be part of Talking About the Weather exhibition at Wollongong City Gallery
April 25 - May 25, 2008.

Exhibition to be opened by Robyn Ravlich, ABC radio - 9 May, 2008 at 7pm

more info:
Talking About the Weather online documentation

We invite you to donate your text breath on our
Blog for collection of Text breath

About the project:

The air you just exhaled has already spread far and wide. The CO2 from a breath last week may now be feeding a plant on a distant continent, or plankton in a frozen sea. In a matter of months all of the CO2 you just exhaled will have dispersed around the planet.
Tim Flannery, The Weather Makers

Talking About the Weather is an ongoing cross media project sparked by our response to the terrifying spectre of global climate change. Sheer terror at the possibilities that are being talked about led us to talking about the weather. In this project weathertalk is no longer a banal exchange of local weather conditions, but instead we ask people to donate their breath - the breath which they would normally use to talk about the weather and the same breath that is spread far and wide as described by Tim Flannery. Working with breath emphasises the dynamic nature of the atmosphere and our part in its creation and destruction. As Tim Flannery says, every breath you take makes you part of a dynamic system called the atmosphere, or the aerial ocean.

Talking about the Weather involves performative encounters, where we perform two Australian visitors to a foreign place asking for donations to our breath collection (to be the largest in the world) with which we will blow back global warming. These performative encounters continue our work with the ’pataphysical mode of an imaginary solution for an actual problem… in this case – global warming. The work is process oriented involving both the encounters themselves as well as sound and video documenting of the encounters. It plays with the form of various documentary methods – working between documentary and documentation.

As part of this project we have amassed a vast archive of video documenting the encounters as well as the world’s largest collection of breath. In the installation we present a selection of the collection and the archive.

The blog is an ongoing part of the project where we ask people to contribute to our breath collection through posting a text which describes their breath. On the blog site you can access samples of the video documentation as well as samples of the audio breath collection. (coming shortly)

Who we are:
Out-of-Sync is a collaboration between Australian media artists Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda.